Commercial Insurance

At Brockman & Associates, we don’t look at you as client; we regard you as a business partner. We strive to develop a relationship with you built on trust, confidence and superior service. At Brockman & Associates, we place great emphasis on understanding the intricacies of a growing number of commercial and industrial fields.

“By thoroughly understanding how our clients’ businesses work, we deliver superior solutions and peace of mind with insurance coverage that is tailored to your business.”

At Brockman & Associates, we don’t blindly offer a generic commercial insurance package to any business owner. We perform a complete assessment of your needs and design a policy that covers every aspect of your enterprise. No two businesses are exactly alike; your commercial insurance coverage should be designed to reflect your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a partner in insurance, not simply a policy, contact Brockman & Associates in London today. We look forward to assessing your needs and working with you over the long term to develop and maintain the best commercial insurance plan possible.


At Brockman & Associates we understand the business challenges faced by manufacturers. Our insurance brokers can help all types and sizes of manufacturing firms with their commercial insurance needs. With our knowledge and access to the markets, Brockman & Associates offers comprehensive insurance programs for the manufacturing sector covering all aspects of the manufacturing process. Our goal as your insurance broker is to provide helpful advice and service to help manage your risk from producer to consumer.

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At Brockman & Associates we understand the challenges faced by the construction industry. We work with you to help manage your risks in a cost-effective manner. Our brokers provide a clear explanation of the insurance coverage you require and why such protection is essential. It is our goal to help you contend with the changing insurance requirements in your industry.

Our commercial insurance brokers can help with all your insurance needs. Contact us today or request a quote online to find our how we can create a hassle-free, cost-effective insurance solution designed for the needs of your business.

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Nursery & Landscaping

At Brockman & Associates we work with our clients to help determine the right coverage for their business. The Horticultural industry encounters different risks and more seasonal activity. Our knowledgeable brokers are always available to provide simple answers for complicated problems. At Brockman & Associates we understand that our success is directly tied to the success of the clients we insure. We’ll make sure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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Property Management & Real Estate

Property owners have a responsibility to protect tenants, their guests, and the public from harm. Owners and managers must assess their risks on a regular basis to determine their possible liability and financial loss, then carry the appropriate insurance to deal with the liability and property damage risks.

At Brockman & Associates we provide superior insurance packages to protect rental property and managers from losses caused by many types of perils. Having accumulated over 25 years of expertise in the property management industry, Brockman & Associates is proud to offer our clients valuable knowledge and creative solutions.

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At Brockman & Associates our team of experienced brokers provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of the transportation industry. Operating a safe and profitable trucking or transportation company requires the advice of commercial insurance broker. At Brockman & Associates, our team of commercial insurance brokers provide personalized service so that your business gets the insurance coverage needed to keep your vehicles on the road.
No two businesses are exactly alike, and that’s why at Brockman & Associates we use our knowledge of the transportation and trucking industry to offer insurance solutions that fit the needs of our clients.

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Small Business

At Brockman & Associates we understand the needs of small business owners. From a personal trainer, caterer, lawyer, hairdresser, or barber; chances are you should have commercial insurance to protect your business and your customers.

At Brockman & Associates, we know your business means everything to you. You work hard to ensure your business’s success and with business insurance, you can protect your property and liability exposures affected by events often out of your control.

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Retail Business

At Brockman & Associates, we understand many of the challenges you face as a retail business owner and work with you to provide proper insurance protection. Whether you run a national chain of sporting goods stores or a family-owned clothing outlet, our knowledgeable experts can help make sure you’re covered.

You may have coverage for your business in case it’s affected by fire or other major disruption, but what if you aren’t able to reopen for six months or more? Let our commercial insurance brokers help protect you from this lack of positive cash flow that can put a business into distress.

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Garage & Auto Repair Shops

At Brockman & Associates, we understand that the insurance needs of garage and auto repair shops is different then other industries. Our experienced commercial brokers address the exposures faced in your industry and provide cost effect coverages for options like garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance.

Our goal is to provide you with the most complete and cost effective coverage available to ensure that your business remains strong and secure.

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Restaurants & Cafes

At Brockman & Associates our team of experienced commercial representatives work with our clients to create tailored solutions to fit their insurance needs. We are committed to helping our clients operate safely and prevent losses through risk management services. With over 25 years commercial insurance experience, our dedicated brokers will help review the unique risks and exposures faced by your business and provide proper coverage for your insurance needs.

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